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Mindy's bio

Mindy McCortney
Previous achievements:
On-air professional with over 14,000 hours of live television - presented thousands of products in 20 plus year career in TV shopping
Helped create the home shopping business as it is known today
Helped develop clothing and beauty lines
Started a Multi-Level Marketing company with Jennifer and Sylvester Stallone - grew and managed a team of over 1000 consultants
Graduate of a one-year Health Coach training program
BA in Mass Media Communications, started in Radio and TV news
A favorite among celebrities and on-air guests for thorough presentation, knowledge of subject matter and interview skills
Major force in direct response television
Strong ad-lib ability
Advanced knowledge in health, fitness, nutrition, beauty
Avid reader of business and financial publications
Guest on talk shows, host of telethons and used in three films
Friendly, approachable, believable and enthusiastic