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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Everything changes at 40!

It's a new month...the perfect time to embark on a new fitness and meal plan!  Actually, these changes come more as a result of two books I've read in the past week (The Immortality Edge and The Beauty Detox Solution) and my new problem with mid-section fat!

I've read a lot about hormones and the changes that come with age and hormone decline, but I did not understand the toxic overload our bodies encounter after 40.  As a result, I'm eating differently beginning today.  

The hardest part will be giving up cheese!   And, no, I am not giving up my wine, yet!

I tested the new eating plan while working on-air recently and found that I stayed alert during a long schedule that went from 6 am to 1 am and I still felt energetic.

Fruits only in the morning, followed by a green salad at lunch and then some meat protein in the evening with more vegetables.  I will be talking more about this in the days that come, no doubt.

In addition to giving up cheese, I am giving up all dairy.  I will miss the cheese and the yogurt!  Can you tell I REALLY love cheese?

I am following a diet recommended in my book re: food combining.  Fruit by itself, vegetables with protein, and starches with vegetables only.  In other words, don't combine fruit with anything, and no protein with starch.  

Tonight's dinner was awesome.  Mushroom risotto, which was really simple to make.  All you need are reduced sodium chicken broth,  mushrooms and the arborio rice (where you will find the cooking instructions) and I added garlic.

I will let you know how the diet works for my nearly 48 year old body, and I will post soon about my plans for fitness.  I'm changing that up, too!

Happy March!