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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Plant Stem Cells to the Rescue

Did you know that plant stem cells mimic our own skin stem cells and perform the same functions?  That is why you are hearing about Plant Stem Cells being used in skin care and our Replicate and Renew Double Concentrate contains a very high level of them so you really get results!

We are born with millions of stem cells and have a high concentration in our skin.  As we age, these stem cells slow down and stop performing like they once did.  Sadly, they begin slowing down in our 30s and eventually you end up with the old and dying outnumbering the new.  When we are younger, cell turnover is about every 30 days.  As we age, it happens more slowly and we end up with the signs of aging.

Plant stem cells go in and flip a switch to wake ours back up!  Isn't that incredible and aren't we lucky to be living in a time when discoveries like this are being made so we literally can turn back the clock?  By speeding the cell renewal we have a younger appearance.

In addition to the plant stem cells this line is filled with anti-oxidants that work together to repair and protect.  

This line is great for men, women and anyone 20 plus.  It feels great, smells really fresh and does not leave any greasy feel.   Of course, coming from Serious Skin Care, it does not contain anything that will aggravate acne.